Tea Cupping:
Discover Darjeeling
Sept. 11, 2004
Familiarize yourself with the “champagne” of the teas and the estates where they are grown.
  Té, Fabulas y Cuentos para Niños  
  Sept. 18, 2004
Una intoducción al té de niños mientras estan gozando sus cuentos favoritos.
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Outside view of Theine
Theine opened as a retail shop in April 2004. This was a project in the making for many years and finally transpired on a tiny side street in Coral Gables. The location was originally an office and it took owner Kyra White a year to accomplish the build out for the shop and kitchen.
The theme for the tea salon was to create a quiet, relaxing environment with old world warmth. A unique refuge of solace from the everyday stress we endure. The décor includes wood floors, furniture and antiques which stimulate feelings of hospitality and home. Once this retreat for repose was created, the old time tradition of “taking tea” was incorporated.

Theine is not only a retail shop that carries over 100 varieties of loose leaf teas and tisanes but a gift shop and educational destination as well. Each visit will be a learning experience for the tea guests. There are classes given on tea cupping, grading and history of the teas and the proper preparation techniques as well.

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