Taking Tea at "Theine"
Coral Gables’s First Tea Salon Opens
June 1, 2004

Theine Salon & Tea Shop has opened its doors. The shop, which specializes in gourmet loose leaf teas from the world's best tea estates, offers green, black and white teas, oolong teas, herbal teas, and exclusive blends. Theine (pronounced tay-een) sits on quiet Madeira Avenue, up an inviting garden path. The charming cottage at 119 Madeira is just a few blocks from the buzzing commercial center of Coral Gables, but before you have even strolled past the courtyard flowers and entered through Theine's French doors, you realize your steps have carried you farther away from the everyday Miami hustle and bustle than you could have imagined. Before you know it, you've relaxed into the most refreshing new element on Miami's cultural landscape in quite some time.

This new tea shop and salon offers an entirely unique experience in our busy town, an oasis of tranquility and calm for the simple taking of tea, replete with customs and rituals evolved over the centuries. The owner Kyra White is a French-trained chef and a veritable scholar of tea culture around the world. She explains that the atmosphere she has created and the teas she provides are inspired by values that have surrounded the taking of tea for centuries. "Ancient Japanese Chado principles say that pure teas, cultivated with respect for nature, should be enjoyed in harmonious surroundings, and induce a sense of tranquility." Chado means "the way of tea," and at Theine, Kyra adds, that way will not be interrupted by ringing cell phones! As a member of the Tea Association and convivium leader of Slow Food Miami, White still takes time to “slow down” and personally gives visitors a “tea tasting” to remember. She recently attended a seminar given by Jack Buckowski from Harvard Medical School on the new discoveries of tea health benefits to the immune system. These topics and more will be discussed in lectures given in the shop.
The walls of Theine are lined with traditional metal tea canisters. The names of the teas themselves are evocative, like Pai Mu Tan, a delicate white tea, and Makaibari First Flush (FIGFOPFS), the premier organic Darjeeling from a renowned estate in India. European travelers may remember the revered Rooibos, also known as red bush, an herbal tea from South Africa treasured for its healthful properties. There is also a selection of tea gift baskets, functional and beautiful tea pots from around the world, and basic tea tools for the perfect pot.

Tea tastings take place at Theine every day, and the salon hosts frequent educational events, like the upcoming tea cupping on June 12th. Theine will become a full service tea salon with fresh baked pastries and light fare. It is available now for special events, from club gatherings to birthdays, weddings and baby showers, and the Theine tea gifts are ideal for celebrating, targeting
health, relaxation and the cultivation of friendship.

Phone: 305-774-0228
Email: Theine@theineteasalon.com
119 Madeira Ave,
Coral Gables FL 33134
Open Tues through Sat, 10 - 6 pm