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Contact: Kyra White

Do You Know the Difference Between High Tea and Afternoon Tea?

If you do not know the difference, you should attend Jane Pettigrew’s lecture on the Social History of Tea on September 23, 2004. She is an international lecturer and expert on all aspects of the culture and history of tea. She has written several books including A Social History of Tea, Design for Tea, Jane Pettigrew’s Tea-time Recipes, Time for Tea-A Book of Days, and many others to be mentioned. Prior to becoming a tea consultant and lecturer, Jane had been a language and communication lecturer. After having worked in that field for 12 years, she followed her passion and opened a well-known tea shop called the Tea-Time in London, England. Due to the success of the shop, she was busy writing articles and books on tea that required too much of her time. Therefore, she sold her share of the business and began to dedicate her time to tea conferences and venues around the world. Ms. Pettigrew is the editor of Tea International, a journal to the tea trade published by the U.K. Tea Council. She also writes the Council’s annual Guide to the Best Tea Places and is a frequent guest on television and radio programs.

Théine, Tea Shop and Salon will be hosting Jane Pettigrew’s lecture on Thursday afternoon, September 23, 2004. She will give a brief educational course on the cultural, social, financial, political, and historical influences of tea and the tea industry. The lecture will include a signed book of Design for Tea and a traditional afternoon tea service of scones, tea sandwiches and confections. The price is $45 per person and reservations are required for there is limited seating.

Théine is a new tea room in Coral Gables that will be hosting many tea related venues that will be of cultural and educational significance.

If you have inquiries as to why some tea cups have handles and how tea ware as we know it evolved or simply when does one add milk?, your attendance is essential. For information on the afternoon tea and book signing, call Théine, at 305.774.0228 or email Visit our contact page for additional information.